Real People. Real Results.

The stories below aren't only a testament to the MSF Program but more importantly, to the hard work and dedication of our amazing members.

As anyone who has commited to change will tell you, results don't just come with reading a book, taking a course or signing up to a program. To get results, you must take massive action and practice what you learn day in and day out.

For MSF Members, taking action means trusting that the proven system works, motivating yourself to keep going when you slip, and holding yourself accountable to do the required work.

We're not going to sit here and tell you it's easy, because it's not, especially in the very beginning.

But as momentum builds, the scale ticks down and the clothes start loosening, change does get easier.

Soon, one day, you are going to find yourself smiling at a slimmed down version of yourself in the mirror. This is when you know you took massive action and are now a new you.

“My relationship with food has changed so much. Below, I wanted to share the main reason I love Maverick Strength and Fitness . . . I can eat what I want! If I want pizza, then I eat pizza. I usually eat pizza about once a week! Other programs I’ve tried are very strict, and that has affected me mentally. I would be ok for a few weeks, but I would crave foods I couldn’t eat. After weeks of eating the same stuff, I’d find myself mentally drained. I would slip up and become very upset and disappointed in myself. Ultimately, everyone has a life to live (kids, sports, jobs, parties, etc.) and I find this so easy to follow and execute. Not once in 84 days did I feel like I’ve been on a ‘diet.’ I eat out at restaurants. I travel, my wife and I both work shift work and have a beautiful little girl at home. Most of the time these are excuses, but I have found that it’s all still possible to do and hit my goals of having a healthy lifestyle. Thank you, Maverick Strength and Fitness for this positive change.

“Although I already felt that I made healthy food choices and went to the gym regularly, the pounds slowly continued to creep up on the scale year after year. I had begun to entertain the thought that with age and a slowing metabolism, maybe this was my fate. The weight loss lab changed the direction that I was heading and helped me to lose 20 pounds! What I really liked about the program was that with a few tweaks to my diet and exercise routine I started to see and feel the results, in a short period of time. I was still able to eat the foods I enjoy (cheese) and even bank some calories for important things (like wine.) I found it easy to incorporate into my lifestyle and have therefore been able to maintain my weight loss. My results have motivated and inspired others around me to try the program as well, and everyone has lost weight, become fitter and have improved their overall health in general. Thank you to Bill and the Maverick Strength & Fitness Program.

"I put off the MSF Program for nearly a year. After all, it wasn't like I was out of shape. I have been working out 4-5 days a week for the better part of a decade. But, like most guys, I got bigger and stronger but not leaner. It wasn't the look I wanted.

I knew getting leaner was 90% diet (right), but again, like most people, I had no idea of what that meant. Plus I was already “in shape,” so I didn’t want to change my life – ie. my eating habits.

Well let me tell you after I got into the MSF Program and started to see all of the sh*tty weight melt off, I was hooked. Better yet, I'm eating more of the foods that I used to avoid, like pasta, chocolate, HoneyNut Cheerios! (you know how long it’s been since I had a bite of O’s?)

After 6 weeks I hit my goal, losing 10 lbs. I went from 161 – 151 lbs. I’m leaner than I’ve ever been and have muscle mass and definition. It feels f***ing awesome!

“No gimmicks, no pills or shakes to purchase. Just great guidance and education about nutrition and exercise. I am experiencing amazing results! Take some time and check it out. It has changed my life!!!”

“I started the program at 217 and am now down to around 196 and feel great, but the thing I’m most proud of is my new ability to understand how my body works. This program works! And it can work for anybody! Thanks, Maverick”

“This has been an awesome journey! I have currently lost 19.6 lbs as of yesterday. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time! I cannot thank MSF enough for all of the program. The push was real and kicked my butt when I needed it. Thank you!”


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